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Welcome to the site of the NIHILIS game development team, which contentrates on creating amateur, non-commercial games.

Russian version of The Dead City by Alexander "Carmack" Sobol has been released.

The english version of The Dead City has been released. The game has been translated and proof-read by Jan "Mnemonic" Nedoma, Jon "BigJKO" Kristinsson and Robert "RLacey" Lacey. Many thanks to all of them.

Another small bonus for The Dead City game is an uncut version of the main theme, know from the game intro and outro. The music is in MP3 format and can be downloaded here.

If you are having problems with game display while the 3D hardware support is enabled, try running the game in software mode. You can access the game settings dialog by running the exe file with a -detect patameter, i.e. something like "deadcity.exe -detect". Then uncheck the "Use hardware acceleration" check-box. This will slightly reduce the graphics quality, you will lose antialiasing of objects and characters and some of the effects, but the game will be playable nevertheless.

A new fixed version of The Dead City is ready to be downloaded. If you encounter some more bugs (and you probably will), let me know. I surely won't attempt to fix them, since I'm a terribly lazy creature. Try to ignore misspellings and stylistic errors; what else would you expect from a man who failed to finish a primary school.

A first problem with the damned Dead City. Saving and loading sometimes takes a little longer than expected. The problem is being worked on and hopefully I'll be able to upload a fixed version soon.

The Dead City game has been finished. You will find a download link and some additional info here.

As a bonus, there has been added a Windows wallpaper with the motive of The Dead City..

Two new screenshots from The Dead City plus a new soundtrack sample. The game is approximately 60% completed.

Added several new
screenshots from an upcoming game codenamed The Dead City.

Finished a TeTriks game. Some info and a game download is available at this page.

Started this won't find a lot of info here, not to mention any games for download...because none of the upcoming games have been finished yet...

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