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Omnia mors aequat

"I've spent like three million years in the madhouse. A trillion suicide attempts. And all the time just bad dreams...dreams about her dead eyes, blood and despair."

Several megabytes containing slighty moronic, pseudo-philosophical texts, depressive moody graphics and an ambient melancholic music, an absurd story and primitive puzzles. All of this awaits you in this 1st person 2D adventure game. Even though I managed to complete the game, the final appearance is not exactly what I originally planned. Due to the lack of time and an increasing aversion the script has been brutally retrenched resulting in much shorter playing time. The originally intended huge epic became a mere introduction to a possible adventure game series. But you can't blame me. I'm doing everything by myself, no one pays me for it, and I'm just a man (sometimes).

As for the technical details, it is a 1st person 2D adventure game created using Wintermute Engine. The audiovisual aspect of the game is provided through a simple 3D art and an original ambient music created specifically for this game (which means no stealing of commercial MP3's). This is a multilingual version of the game. It includes English, Czech, Italian and Russian translations. The Italian translation was created by Fabio "Fabyo" Bisesti & Adrian from Italian Adventure Games Translators Group (IAGTG), the Russian version was created by Alexandr "Carmack" Sobol.

Download - multi-language version (English, Czech, Italiana and Russian ) - 11 Mb


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